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Contrasting Industrial Design Education in the UK and China

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.190


Xiyin Gao, Huiqiang Wang, and Zhenjiang Cai

Corresponding Author

Xiyin Gao


This study aims to evaluate the strong and weak aspects of industrial design (ID) education in China by the comparison with the ID education in the UK. This study was conducted in four major phases. The study started with an analysis of the development context of industrial design education in these two countries and continued with an analysis of ID education using data on 10 cases with comprehensive factors, five universities particularly pertains to the UK and China. After identifying the entry requirements, research field, cultivate ability, education arrangement and method on undergraduate as the main aspects of the comparison, the similarities and differences in ID education between China and the UK were analyzed. The findings demonstrate that China is behind the UK in terms of cultivating ability, education arrangement and method. Moreover, the findings of this study will help to develop the ID program and will thus lead to better improve the training quality of graduates.


Industrial design education, case study, educational methods, UK, China