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On the Functions and Status of College Counselors in Campus Culture

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.188


Cheng Guanghao, Lin Tian

Corresponding Author

Cheng Guanghao


Campus culture is a combination of the accumulation of a school’s historical tradition and the current spiritual outlook. It is also a symbol of a school’s uniqueness. As administrators of student work and ideological and political educators, counselors’ extensive work and activities will inevitably play an important role and influence on campus culture at various levels. Based on the reality of our school, this paper takes all the counselors as the research object, takes empirical research as the main method, tries to reveal the functions and status of counselors in campus culture, and puts forward appropriate suggestions and opinions on how to better adapt the work of counselors to the current development trend of campus culture.


Campus Culture, Counselor, Status, Function