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A Study on the Teaching of Furnishings Design Course under the Perspective of Artistic Micro-Construction

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.186


Cui Shijin

Corresponding Author

Cui Shijin


As an extension of interior design major, furnishings design is an innovative and expanding section of art design education system. Its teaching reform aims to integrate the theory teaching and practice practice in traditional teaching, improve the application efficiency of students’ professional skills, and realize the organic transformation of production, learning and research promoting and complementing each other. This article based on the background of research related to the design and design of art colleges and universities at home and abroad, combined with the existing shortcomings such as the lack of system convergence of traditional teaching models and the lack of practical training resources, this paper, on the basis of a comprehensive combing of the viewpoint of the specialized disciplines, establish the teaching orientation of artistic micro-construction, and integrate the teaching reform measures properly into the whole process of teaching practice. Explore the feasibility path of the development of teaching in the teaching of the teaching of the furnishings, and promote the construction of the framework system of the course of art design subject under the background of innovative teaching reform and promote the contemporary development of the teaching system of art universities.


Furnishing Design, Micro-Construction Art, Teaching Reform, Innovation Teaching and Research