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Research on the Interactive Development of Classified Training of Undergraduate Talents Majored in Economics and Trade and Teaching Team Building

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.184


Lingyan Meng

Corresponding Author

Lingyan Meng


With the popularization of higher education, the individualization and differentiation of the educated put forward objective demands for the mode of classified training of talents in colleges and universities. Therefore, the mode of classified training has become an important subject of current undergraduate education in China. Based on the concept of classified training, on the basis of systematically analyzing the connotation of classified training and exploring the goal of classified training of talents, this paper explores the characteristics, direction and core work of teaching team construction in colleges and universities, clarifies the constraints and safeguards of efficient team building, in order to provide powerful impetus and support for classified training of talents.


Classified training, teaching team, curriculum system, practical teaching, innovation and entrepreneurship