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Research on The Integration Path of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education and Tourism Education Under The Background of Professional Certification -- From The Perspective of Synergy Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.182


Chen Jinhua, Wang Danfen, Yang Mengyuan and Yile Dong

Corresponding Author

Yile Dong


The quality certification of tourism education of the world tourism organization focuses on the quality assurance requirements of tourism education programs in the aspects of educational purposes, educational concepts, teaching methods and school-enterprise cooperation. It emphasizes the applicability of professional theories in practical operation and the cultivation of innovative and entrepreneurial consciousness, practical ability and quality of tourism talents. The integration of innovation entrepreneurship education and professional tourism education meets the objective requirement of professional certification. This paper starts with synergy theory, and takes questionnaire and interview as the main research methods. Taking the key tourism school “L college” which is in China’s South-East coastal areas as an example, this paper analyzes the current situation of the integration of innovation and entrepreneurship education and tourism professional education from the three dimensions of platform and resources integration, guidance and system integration, and form and culture integration, and analyzes the existing problems, aiming to explore the optimization path of the integration of the two development to provide quality assurance for the training of high-quality and application-oriented tourism talents.


Synergy theory, innovation and entrepreneurship education, professional education, integration path