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Research on Evaluation Model of Postgraduate Training towards Professionalization

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.178


Shuangming Liu, Yi Liu, Fuzhao Wang

Corresponding Author

Fuzhao Wang


The former evaluation model of postgraduate specialization is relatively simple, and it cannot accurately evaluate the degree of postgraduate participation in specialization. On the basis of systematic research on three models of “I-E-O”, “Change Evaluation Model” and “Input-Output Model” of Postgraduate Quality growth, the behavioral motivation of postgraduate and the process of postgraduate quality growth are analyzed in depth. This paper proposes an evaluation route model based on the process participation of graduate students, which integrates the motive factors of graduate students’ participation into the model, and can better evaluate the degree of graduate students’ participation professionalization.


Environment, participation, motivation, growth