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The Role of Cultural Construction in Hospital Management

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.175


Jiajie He

Corresponding Author

Jiajie He


The so-called hospital culture refers to the advanced cultural management mode in which the hospital creates, gradually forms, and recognizes the value-centered group consciousness and the society's overall perception of the hospital in the process of long-term self-development. It is in a certain social culture. On the basis of the development, a group culture characterized by the characteristics of the hospital itself and the degree of care of all employees on the hospital is formed. This paper hopes to further understand the connotation, objectives, tasks and methods of building a hospital's basic culture through the study of modular system design of hospital basic culture construction, to promote the harmonious development of hospitals, enhance and build the overall brand image of hospitals, and improve cultural taste. To enhance the sustainable development and provide better and more personalized services,the hospital will provide the comprehensive development.


Cultural construction, Hospital management, Role