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Study on the Awareness Cultivation and Training Methods of the Volleyball Setters’ Tactics

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.168


Dupin Xie

Corresponding Author

Dupin Xie


With the rapid development of volleyball and the correction and implementation of new rules of the match, the contradictions in the match have become more and more prominent, and the match has become increasingly fierce. The tactics of volleyball are generally divided into two types, one is personal tactics and the other is collective tactics. The so-called personal tactics are the players’ adjustments in the match according to the situation of the match and the opponent. The so-called collective technology is the mutual cooperation among members to complete planned and purposeful tactical changes. Personal tactics and collective tactics are complementary, and promote each other, thus ensuring the victory of the match. Team members should use tactics based on the basic situation of the team first, and then change the tactics according to the situation of the other team members. Therefore, improving tactical awareness is not only the need of volleyball development, but also the development of an excellent volleyball team, which shows that the cultivation of tactical awareness of the second setter is particularly important.


Volleyball second pass, Awareness training, Training method