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Research on the Dilemma and Path of College Students' Internet Entrepreneurship under the Background of Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.166


Fen Yang

Corresponding Author

Fen Yang


As the number of college graduates increases year by year, the social phenomenon and social problems of college graduates who are unemployed are sharply highlighted; at the same time, government investment is weak, and employment pressure is increasing. In such situations, encouraging college students to become entrepreneurs has become the most important stimulating points and breakthroughs of economic development in the future, and the strategic decision of mass entrepreneurship and innovation came into being. Under the background of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, college students' Internet entrepreneurship has become a trend; on the one hand, it closely follows the pace of the development of the Internet, which helps to achieve technological breakthroughs and industrial renewal; on the other hand, it increases the chances of success in university entrepreneurship and has eased the degree of employment pressure, but there are still a series of problems such as lack of experience, limited path and insufficient support. On the basis of summarizing and analyzing the previous studies, this paper expounds the background and policy connotation of the mass entrepreneurship and innovation strategy, the current status of Internet entrepreneurship and existing problems, and analyzes the dilemma of college students' Internet entrepreneurship under the background of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, and proposed corresponding solutions for those problems. The research results of this paper provide a certain reference for the government to encourage the university students to start their own Internet entrepreneurship and to further carry out the theoretical research on college students' Internet entrepreneurship in the context of mass entrepreneurship and innovation.


Mass entrepreneurship and innovation, Internet entrepreneurship, College student employment, Entrepreneurial dilemma and approach