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Study on Enterprise Logistics Management Performance Evaluation System

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.161


Fang Fu, and Wanyang Zhou

Corresponding Author

Fang Fu


With the advancement of science and technology, we have entered the Information Age. Complying with the development, China's logistics industry has represented tremendous improvement. Meanwhile, the competition in the logistics industry is also growing, which includes competition between the enterprises, the internal construction of the enterprise, and the improvement of logistics management performance evaluation system. As one of the important focuses of enterprise logistics management, performance evaluation is of pivotal importance for enterprises to measure their own economic benefits and clarify their own development status, reflecting the level of enterprise logistics management. While facing a series of problems due to the imperfect performance evaluation system, this paper will analyze and discuss the current internal logistics management issues, and propose corresponding countermeasures to improve the enterprise logistics management performance evaluation system, so as to promote the related development of enterprises.


Enterprise Logistics, Logistics Management, Performance Evaluation, System Research