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The Application of Formative Assessment in College English Writing Teaching——Taking Nanchang Institute of Science & Technology As An Example

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.159


Weihua Xiong

Corresponding Author

Weihua Xiong


Formative assessment is to evaluate a student's learning process, aiming to improve and develop their learning. Formative assessment focuses on the process of student writing, and promotes the teamwork ability and self-reflection ability. As a new type of assessment method, formative assessment is established based on humanism and constructivism, which fully embodies the new concept of student-oriented teaching, which plays a major role in promoting students' independent learning. Through the implementation of formative assessment in English writing teaching, this paper finds that it helps to improve students' learning motivation and writing interest, and is conducive to improving students' English writing ability. At the same time, the following specific operation methods are proposed: establish student writing files; classroom teaching observation; extracurricular writing guidance; learning effects assessment.


Formative assessment, College English, Writing Teaching