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Practice and Exploration of Chinese Teaching and Teaching Strategies

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.154


Yan Li

Corresponding Author

Yan Li


The 21st century is an era of "informatization industry" and "knowledge economy". The knowledge economy is developing rapidly, information explosion is spreading, economic globalization, technological innovation, and network resources are widely used. It is constantly influencing and changing the way we learn, work, live and think. The development of the times has placed new demands on talents. In order to meet the development requirements of talents, and to cultivate students' comprehensive learning attitude, innovative consciousness and practical ability, and healthy personality quality, etc., lay a foundation for the lifelong development of students, all of which make our Chinese education face New challenges and changes. This paper first briefly introduces the trend and development status of Chinese teaching, and discusses the construction framework of Chinese education teaching strategies, and puts forward some practical strategies for teaching strategies of Chinese education.


Chinese teaching, Teaching strategy, Practice, Strategy