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Exploration of College Art Education Based on Design Thinking

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.152


Yimeng Du

Corresponding Author

Yimeng Du


As an extremely comprehensive education category, college art education has more diversified requirements for students' creativity and imagination. However, traditional knowledge transfer form of teaching cannot meet the requirements of cultivating innovation ability. Therefore, the exploration and reform of educational concepts and teaching methods is very important. Design thinking emphasizes the initiative of learners to learn, and focuses on cultivating the pioneering spirit of learners, the ability to externalize knowledge and the ability to construct knowledge meanings, which can achieve the purpose of updating knowledge and cultivating innovative ability. On the basis of summarizing and analyzing the study results of predecessors, this paper presents the current situation and existing problems of art education in colleges and universities, analyzes the essential connotation of design thinking and the guiding role of education, and finally puts forward he educational model and instructional design of college art education based on design thinking. The results of this paper provide a reference for further improving the level of art education in colleges and universities.


College art education, Design thinking, Art education mode, Art teaching design