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Reflections on the Construction of MOOCs in Chinese Universities: Taking the Public Course of Literature as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.149


Ji Li

Corresponding Author

Ji Li


Since 2012, MOOCs has been popular all over the world. This new educational concept and teaching mode of MOOCs has had a great impact on traditional higher education. MOOCs provides a very personalized teaching platform for teachers in colleges and universities in China, as well as a very broad learning platform for students. According to the current situation of the development of MOOCs at home and abroad and the characteristics of Chinese universities, Chinese universities need to step out of the traditional educational concept, create subject characteristics, and use the teaching mode of MOOCs to stimulate students' enthusiasm and subjective initiative. On the platform of MOOCs, advanced resources are used to create excellent courses in our universities. This paper takes the public course of literature as an example, and puts forward some suggestions on the construction of MOOCs in Chinese universities.With the continuous progress of MOOCs, nowadays, distance education has attracted more and more attention, and network teaching has set off a wave of upsurge in domestic teaching. However, this kind of network course has not attracted the attention of Chinese universities, and its utilization rate is still not up to expectations. But the emergence of MOOCs has changed this situation. MOOCs has demonstrated its unique teaching concept and method to universities. In higher education, the teaching method of MOOCs has led to the innovation of teaching mode in universities, which has made teaching resources shared among universities and greatly improved the teaching quality of universities. The teaching thought of MOOCs has changed the traditional teaching methods of Chinese universities and fundamentally realized the modernization reform.


MOOCs, Teaching mode, Course construction