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A Brief Analysis of Ideal and Faith Education in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.147


Juan Zhao, and Jingchao Liu

Corresponding Author

Jingchao Liu


Ideals and beliefs are the motivation and core of people's pursuit and yearning for the future. Once established, such motivation and core will become the spiritual pillar that dominates and influences people to engage in a certain career. The core of university ideological and political education is ideal and faith education. Contemporary college students are self-confident and identify with socialism, but also present a complex and diversified pattern of pursuing individual value, practical life ideal and distinct psychological quality. To improve the effectiveness of college students' ideal education, it is necessary to keep pace with The Times and make good use of multimedia tools in the new era. Gradual integration of personal ideals and career development; Innovative form, skillfully using college students party building work; Optimize the environment, family, school, social education.


The Ideal Faith, College students, Education