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Reform and Exploration of Physical Education Management in the New Era

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.144


Cunxing Su, and Wenjun Yu

Corresponding Author

Cunxing Su


The reform of physical education management along with the modern education management model has entered the new century. The form and connotation of education have undergone major changes in the context of high-tech and knowledge-based economy. Sports education management is also facing such changes. The profoundness, especially the emphasis of quality education, from the perspective of the nature of education management and the value orientation of education management, education management has become an important factor affecting the human process. At present, research on the management of physical education in the new era is attracting more and more scholars' interest. In the management of physical education, there are many problems that are currently awaiting resolution. Therefore, this paper uses the literature method and the method of issuing questionnaires to conduct research. On the basis of establishing a new orientation of physical education management in the new era, this paper analyzes the problems existing in the development of physical education management in the new era. Put forward a new era of physical education management development strategy by educating people to learn the experience of survival, performance and perfection, develop their potential, learn to write and communicate, become a qualified social person. The direction of education allows us to understand the great significance of the reform of physical education.


Physical education, Education management, New era