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Reflections on "Double-Professionally-Titled" Teachers in Higher Vocational Education

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.141


Jingchao Liu, and Fan Zhou

Corresponding Author

Jingchao Liu


The outline of the national program for medium - and long-term education reform and development (2010-2010) clearly pointed out that vocational colleges should focus on "double-qualified" teachers and strengthen the construction of teachers. The key to improve the teaching quality of higher vocational colleges is to build a team of "double-qualified" teachers with excellent quality and reasonable structure. At present the country's "double type" teachers in higher vocational colleges on the system from the original only emphasize on the basis of the number and scale gradually to the professional quality, practical skills and cooperation with the enterprise on the direction of change, higher vocational colleges are now constantly according to the national professional "double top" requirements of the "double division type" team construction direction, that is in accordance with the requirements for the construction of "double top" professional, vocational colleges should be cultivated echelon reasonable structure, high quality and professional ability and practice and theory of "double type" teachers. They can not only serve as the basis for the talent reserve in the professional development of higher vocational colleges to "double first-class", but also serve as the key to train high-quality technical and technical talents.


Double-Professionally-Titled Teachers, Higher Vocational Education, Cooperation Between School and Enterprise