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Research on Adaptability of College English Teaching and Learning Based on Multimedia Technology Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.140


Ye Yu

Corresponding Author

Ye Yu


Multimedia technology is mainly based on computer-based multimedia classrooms, language labs, network classrooms, autonomous learning centers and campus networks. They will jointly build one of the important environments for future college English teaching and learning. However, since the implementation of multimedia technology, the degree of adaptation of college teachers and students to their English teaching and learning has not been widely and accurately understood. This has brought difficulties to understand the current situation of teaching, to develop follow-up curriculum planning, and to improve teaching quality. This paper takes 100 first-line college English teachers and 500 full-time non-English major undergraduates who offer college English courses as the research object. Through the online electronic questionnaire survey, their adaptability of college English teaching and learning in the multimedia technology environment were studied through the network electronic questionnaire survey. The survey results show that more than 30% of first-line English teachers and more than 20% of undergraduates have different levels of "inadaptability" in multimedia learning and teaching. The reason why teachers' "inadaptability" is mainly "multimedia devices" It is difficult to master, and the reason why college students are "incompatible" is that "the learning resources are too rich and it is difficult to concentrate." The paper discusses the results of the survey in detail and proposes corresponding suggestions and improvement measures.


Multimedia technology environment, College English teaching and learning, Adaptability