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Research on Application Mode of WeChat Public Platform in Teaching of Higher Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.139


Wen Zhou

Corresponding Author

Wen Zhou


With the rapid development of the information age, people's life, work and study are closely related to the information age, and people's lifestyles and learning methods are unconsciously changing. The way students learn from traditional offline learning to online learning is a learning method of teaching informationization. In higher vocational colleges, many scholars began to use WeChat as a part of the mobile teaching platform, and achieved good results in practice. WeChat public platform education is a form of Internet + education. It is necessary to explore the individualized development of department-level teaching management, update teaching management concepts and models, and focus on building a teaching management system based on WeChat public platform. Based on the WeChat platform to study the independent learning of higher vocational colleges, combined with the network data survey, this paper finds that the current WeChat platform is used in the study of higher vocational colleges. Through the analysis of the problem, it is proposed that the higher vocational colleges introduce the WeChat platform to carry out independent learning. necessity.


Informatization, WeChat public platform, Teaching application, Status quo