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Instructional Design and Application of Command Course based on Intelligent Classroom

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.136


Dexin Yu, and Baolin Zhou

Corresponding Author

Dexin Yu


In view of the main problems faced by the command course teaching, this paper makes an in-depth investigation and analysis of the current situation of command military course teaching, and the research shows that the key reasons for the current problems of command military theory teaching are that the teaching of military theory is not standardized, the students' subjectivity is ignored, and the teaching design method is single. Aiming at the current problems, a task-based intelligent classroom of military theory curriculum is designed, which can integrate teaching resources and carry out systematic and small-class teaching according to teaching characteristics and learning conditions. Practice shows that intelligent classroom can significantly improve the teaching quality of command military courses.


The classroom of wisdom, Conducting courses, The teaching design