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Analysis of Common Problems and Solutions in Saxophone Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.133


Xi Xu

Corresponding Author

Xi Xu


The sufficiency of material life has gradually made people's pursuit of cultural life gradually become enthusiastic, especially the pursuit of music, which has gradually become a popular fashion. More and more people have studied saxophone in recent years, because saxophone is widely used in jazz and modern popular light music. The sound of the saxophone is beautiful, deep and calm, full of emotions, gentle and sad, and is the most romantic instrument. However, learning an instrument is not a simple matter. It involves many requirements. Only by grasping every detail in the performance can you really do the performance work. The position is of the finger, the size of the breath, and the accuracy of the mouth shape in the saxophone performance are all difficult problems in the saxophone performance, and the breath control method, the pronunciation practice, and the long sound practice are analyzed.


Saxophone teaching, Modern pop music, Breath control method