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Exploration on the Teaching Practice of British and American Literature of College English Major Assisted by Multimedia

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.126


Yunsheng Song

Corresponding Author

Yunsheng Song


As one of the basic subjects of English major, British and American literature plays an important role in the construction of English curriculum system and the improvement of students' English ability. It is the key course of English major teaching in colleges and universities. Multimedia technology integrates video, sound, text and image into one; it has the characteristics of richness of content, novelty of form and flexibility of operation and it is one of the important technical environments for teaching and learning in college English. On the basis of summarizing and analyzing the research results of predecessors, this paper elaborates the development background, theoretical basis and superiority characteristics of multimedia teaching of British and American literature in college English major, and proposes an interactive teaching mode of British and American literature based on multimedia-assisted realistic audio-visual language environment. This model fully integrates the superior characteristics of multimedia technology and closely combines with the actual situation of teaching. This is another exploration of the practice of multimedia teaching in British and American literature, and lays a foundation for further research.


Multimedia, British and American literature, Teaching practice, College English major