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On the Professional Development of Teachers in Higher Vocational Colleges--Taking Accounting as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.125


Kai Liu, and Yumei Wang

Corresponding Author

Kai Liu


With the acceleration of industrialization and the rise of modern service industry, the cultivation of high-quality skilled personnel has made China's higher vocational education develop rapidly. The deepening of reform and opening up and the continuous improvement of the market system have led to the rapid development of China's economy. Accounting is the language of economy. The more economic development, the more important accounting is. With the development of economy, higher requirements have been put forward for accounting. In order to train excellent accountants to adapt to the development of today's society, it is necessary to start with the professional development of accounting teachers. In today's society, various institutions of higher learning, especially vocational schools, have set up accounting, financial management, accounting computerization and other specialties, almost reaching the realm of "no accounting specialty can not be a university", and the problem of accounting teachers'professionalization will follow. Through the analysis of the problems existing in the professional development of teachers in Higher Vocational colleges, this paper puts forward the corresponding strategies. In the promotion strategies at the school level, it emphasizes on strengthening the construction of teachers, improving the scientific evaluation system, establishing and improving the professional teaching resource bank, improving the overall quality of teachers through high-quality teacher training, and promoting new breakthroughs in the professionalization of teachers.


Higher vocational colleges, Accounting teachers, Specialization, Strategy