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Research on Practical Training Course Development of Tourism Management in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on Skills Competition

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.124


Lan Chen, and Yanli Li

Corresponding Author

Lan Chen


Aiming at the problem that the current skills competition in higher vocational colleges fails to give full play to its leading role in the reform of practical teaching, this paper puts forward a new idea for the development of practical training courses in higher vocational colleges based on skills competition. Based on the deconstruction of the the competence of skills competition, the units of competence cultivation are decomposed, the relevant units are further integrated to construct practical courses. Take the tour guide service competition as an example to carry out specific analysis, and integrate the competency requirements and standards of the competition into the daily practice curriculum, so as to achieve the goal of the skills competition leading the reform of practical teaching, and play a more extensive role in promoting talent cultivation.


Skills competition, Practical training course, Tourism management