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Training Mode and Development Strategy of Amateur Gymnastics for Teenagers

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.121


Wenwu Hu, Chaohu He, Changcheng Xin, and Yunyan Cui

Corresponding Author

Changcheng Xi


At present, the scale of domestic amateur gymnastics development is relatively small, mainly reflected in the number of participants, the number of coaches and the scale of venue facilities, and has not yet formed a combination of commercialization and marketization of gymnastics. In terms of funding sources, the source is reflected. The channel is narrow and relatively single. Due to the serious shortage of funds, the facilities and equipment of the amateur gymnastics training venues could not be updated in time. Most of them were relatively old, and some places could not perform amateur gymnastics training, which seriously hindered the training. This paper proposes a series of corresponding measures for the current situation of adolescent amateur gymnastics training. Pay attention to the cultivation of athletes' cultural quality, promote the all-round development of athletes, strengthen the construction of coaches, improve the overall quality level of amateur gymnastics coaches, and strengthen the publicity of channels to enable young people to correctly understand amateur gymnastics.


Amateur gymnastics, Training mode, Development strategy