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The Construction and Models of International Talents Training: Taking Cooperative Academic Program as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.117


Haiying Ma, Hua Liu

Corresponding Author

Haiying Ma


International talent training is an objective requirement of the globalization of the world economy today, and it is an inevitable requirement for the Chinese economy to enter the international society and enter a new stage of development. Combining the research results of scholars' theory and the practical experience of the Sino-US cooperative education project of Northwest University for Nationalities, from the definition of international talents, the practice exploration of international talent training mode and the construction of international talent training mode, it is proposed from three levels how to cooperate with the school platform. Introduce quality educational resources to promote the cultivation of international talents, with a view to providing new ideas for the reform of traditional Chinese education models.


International talent, Training mode, Construction, Cooperative academic program