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Research on the Importance of College Dance Theory Course in Dance Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.115


Xuanlin Li

Corresponding Author

Xuanlin Li


Dance art emphasizes the combination of theory and practice; dance theory is the generalization and summary of the experience of dance practice, and it is the relevant theoretical knowledge that can guide the practice of dance. College dance theory courses can not only improve the quality and efficiency of dance teaching, but also overcome the blindness and disorder in dance teaching, and can better resolve the contradiction between dance classroom teaching and students' aesthetic orientation, and improve students' dance skills, literacy and connotation. On the basis of summarizing the previous research results, this paper analyzes the content of dance art in the dance art, dance art development, dance carrier and dance category, and points out the relationship between dance theory and dance practice and the important role of college dance theory in dance teaching. The research results of this paper provide a basis for further improving the quality of dance teaching in colleges and universities and cultivating students' dance literacy and connotation.


Dance teaching, Dance theory, Dance practice, College dance course