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The Status, Influence and Optimization Path of Contemporary College Students' Family Education

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.104


Xiaochuan Wang

Corresponding Author

Xiaochuan Wang


The growth of contemporary college students is also affected by many factors. Based on the perspective of educational environment, the paper believes that family education is indispensable in the growth of college students, which is the basic impetus of their physical and mental development. It is the basic driving force for the development of college students' physical and mental development. Family education is also the actual requirement of inheriting the splendid traditional culture, practicing the core socialist values and supporting education in colleges and universities. This paper thinks that family education has great influence on the growth of contemporary college students from the perspectives of the purpose, the content and methods. Finally, faced with shortcomings in the practice of family education, we should adjust the inherent mode of family education, pay attention to the law of growth of children and help them set up reasonable goals. Meanwhile, we should strengthen the institutional guidance and legal guarantees for family education, which generates an education joint force with families, colleges and society.


Family education, Contemporary college students, Growth