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Analysis on the Path of Innovation and Development of Teaching Supervision in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.103


Guoyong Liu

Corresponding Author

Guoyong Liu


With the establishment and improvement of the education supervision system and the development of supervision activities, we are concerned not whether we should pay attention to education supervision, but how to make education supervision play a role in educational practice under the guidance of educational theory. The issue of educational practice activities. The strengthening of educational supervision theory, the exploration of the law of educational supervision and the establishment of a scientific educational supervision theory system, the ultimate goal is to lay the foundation for the increasingly rich educational actual activities, so that educational supervision can be scientifically and efficiently in educational practice. Play its role. This paper makes a brief introduction to the current situation of teaching supervision in colleges and universities, and analyzes the problems existing in the teaching supervision work, and puts forward the implementation path of innovation and development of teaching supervision in colleges and universities.


Higher education, Teaching supervision, Innovation and development, Path