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Healthcare Wrist Watch for Chronic Diseases Prevention as Part of Healthcare Management in China

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.102


He Ma

Corresponding Author

He Ma


Health is intrinsically linked to quality of life, yet chronic diseases threaten them both. With an increasingly aging population and various factors that lead to health threats, chronic diseases today are growing to be the leading causes of deaths and main sources of illnesses, hospitalization, healthcare expenditures, long-term disability and productivity loss. The rise in chronic diseases in recent years amplifies the demand for access to affordable, available and high-quality healthcare. Today, people could take a more active and positive role in their own healthcare, utilizing the advanced technology. Through Healthcare Wrist Watch, it is possible to build an ecosystem with the integration of information and communications technology and medical resources, which enable people to manage their health easily. This study is to discuss and analyze the launch of a new product for chronic diseases prevention and healthcare management in China. Beginning with the introduction of the Healthcare Wrist Watch and the services, this paper will give an overview of China’s healthcare management market. Then through SWOT analysis and market segmentation, adequate develop plan for launching the Healthcare Wrist Watch and services will be identified.


Chronic disease prevention, Healthcare management, Technology innovation, Healthcare wrist watch