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Chemical Industry Principles Application Course Reform Implementation Plan

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.101


Wei Xia

Corresponding Author

Wei Xia


"Chemical Principles" is a professional foundation course for studying the common laws involved in the chemical industry and other industrial production processes, carrying the dual attributes of professionalism and application. This course takes an important position in the relevant professional curriculum system. It is an important bridge and link for students' learning from basic to professional, from theory to engineering. It plays an important role in the cultivation of students' comprehensive quality, engineering ability and innovation consciousness. By changing the traditional teacher-oriented teaching mode, this paper establishes a "student-centered, teacher-led" teaching model, enhances the teachers' own basic qualities, establishes engineering and project thinking, and stimulates students' interest in the course of chemical engineering. To develop students' team awareness, independent thinking and ability to solve problems and solve problems. Comprehensively improve the teaching quality of the secondary vocational chemical industry, and provide reference for the full implementation of the project teaching mode.


Principles of chemical engineering, Applied courses, Teaching reform, Implementation plan