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Application of Higher Education Management Theory In University Innovation and Way Out

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.100


Chaohu He, Changcheng Xin, and Wenwu Hu

Corresponding Author

Chaohu He


With the trend of marketization, informationization and globalization becoming more and more obvious, various non-profit organizations have quickly applied the concept and technology of innovation management as an important tool in order to be able to adapt to the uncertain environment of rapid change. Therefore, formulate a management model for education development innovation and planning, and establish the most effective measures to adapt to the teaching system of economic and social development. This paper makes a simple analysis of the problems existing in the current innovation management of colleges and universities. Then, through the establishment of management concepts, innovative management models, advancing adaptive management methods and management mechanisms, the education management innovation system and operational mechanism are constructed to promote the scientific and standardized education management and promote the sustainable and healthy development of college education.


Higher education, Education management, Innovative education, Innovation and way out