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Research on the Innovation Path of College Student Education Management Based on OBE Concept

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.096


Jiangru Wang

Corresponding Author

Jiangru Wang


The implementation of the OBE education concept in colleges and universities requires the transformation of the existing teaching model from “teacher-centered” input teaching to “student-centered” output teaching. This change will be proposed for the education management of college students. higher requirement. At the same time, under the background of quality education, the reform of college education and teaching has become an inevitable trend, paying more attention to the cultivation of students' comprehensive quality. The rapid development of Internet technology has also ushered in a new perspective on the education management of college students. Under the guidance of the theory of network communication, the research on the law and feasibility of student education management is getting better and better. To this end, colleges and universities must be based on the OBE concept, student-centered, combined with the characteristics of students of different majors, optimize the use of online and offline two-way network communication technology interactive functions, strengthen contextualized, targeted management, and build "scientific, rationalized" information Management systems, network communication systems, etc., to further improve the efficiency of college education. Based on this, the article objectively explores the new perspective of student education management under the network communication environment and analyzes its innovation path.


Students, Education management, New perspective, Innovative approach