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Research Hotspots and Frontiers of China's Higher Engineering Education Certification

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.094


Jingdong Wang, Haitao Kan, and Fanqi Meng

Corresponding Author

Fanqi Meng


[Objective] Through the analysis of engineering certification research literature, explore the development trend of engineering certification research in China. Provide a reference for the sustainability of engineering certification. [Methods] CNKI literature was selected as a sample to conduct quantitative analysis and visualization of the published volume, author institution cooperation network and high frequency keywords, and cluster analysis of domestic research hotspots to study the hot development trends. [Results] The number of publications has increased year by year, the authors are unevenly distributed, and multi-author cooperation is more common. Engineering ability and teaching reform are the main research objects. [Conclusion] The future development direction of China's higher engineering education is dominated by teaching reform, engineering practice is the core, and its content is "curriculum reform" and "engineering practice" that are compatible with engineering education reform.


Engineering certification, Engineering education professional certification, Engineering certification knowledge map, Cluster analysis