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Theory and Practice of Oboe Teaching Methods

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.086


Jiayin Li

Corresponding Author

Jiayin Li


With the rapid development of education, the reform and innovation of the education model has become the main subject of research in the education sector. As a combination of art and education, musical instrument teaching must embark on the road of innovation and development as soon as possible, otherwise the traditional teaching methods will be eliminated by the trend of the times. This paper discusses the task of completing the oboe teaching better, faster and more satisfactorily. It explores how to better play the guiding role of teachers and how to accomplish teaching goals. It puts forward the method of reforming from the ideological point of view, testing the thought in practice, and striving to establish a new oboe teaching mode.


Oboe teaching, Teaching methods, Theory and practice, Oboe teaching mode