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Life and Education——Exploring the Dual Life Education of Human Beings from the Essential Dimension of Human Beings

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.081


Weiguang Cheng

Corresponding Author

Weiguang Cheng


The essence of human practice has created the “beautiful flower” on the earth - consciousness, which makes human life double into natural life and self-life. The essence of human being is the key to open the door of human dual life; the essential attribute of human being is the three-dimensional person whose human life is established. The natural nature of human being is based on natural life, and consciousness is human and other natural objects. The symbol of difference is the keystone of the connection between the double life. The objectification of the social nature of human beings is the activity of self-life; the internal reciprocity between natural life and self-life indicates that the former is the shape of the latter. The foundation is laid, the latter is the metaphysical comfort of the former, and the two are organically integrated into human life education. Life education is the education that confronts life and human life and death. Life education is not only a prerequisite for all education, but also the highest pursuit of education.


LIife education, The essence of human beings, Double life