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The Current Situation of Rural Vocational Education in Jilin Province

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.079


Nuan Sun

Corresponding Author

Nuan Sun


Vocational education is the main way to train high-quality skilled talents in China, which can effectively promote economic growth. But at present, there are public crises in the development of rural vocational education in China, such as diminishing value orientation, low quality of vocational school education and teaching, small number and low level of agricultural-related specialties, mere formality of vocational training and institutional and institutional obstacles. We study that the function and essence of vocational education have a direct effect on the economic development of Jilin Province. The structure of vocational education has changed correspondingly because of the change of economic structure of Jilin Province. Therefore, we study the impact of rural vocational education on the development of Jilin Province, and discuss the coordinated development of vocational education and Jilin Province's economy. At the same time, our research results show that the cultivation of practical skills in vocational education is of great significance to the personal development, the improvement of Jilin's overall economic level, and even the harmony and stability of the whole society. We must pay more attention to it.


Jilin Province, Rural Vocational Education, Development Status