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An Experimental Study on the Acquisition of the Relationship between Form and Meaning by Middle and Advanced Level International Students Based on the Chinese Character Grading Outline

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.076


Jing Chu

Corresponding Author

Jing Chu


Chinese characters are the basic materials to record the Chinese language, and are the important content of teaching and research on Chinese as a foreign language. The phonographic structure is the most important structure of modern Chinese characters. This paper designs the selection task of correlation of "form and meaning", controls the semantic transparency of experimental materials, and adopts pen and paper test to investigate the development process of the acquisition of the relationship between shape and meaning of middle and high-level international students. The results show that after learning Chinese for about one year, the understanding of the relationship between Chinese characters and their meanings has reached the level of automation, and the students are able to guess the meanings of Chinese characters with the help of contextual clues, which is similar to the development path of second language acquisition. From the perspective of cognitive psychology, this paper also puts forward a trinity teaching strategy of Chinese characters.


Teaching Chinese characters to foreigner, Pictographic characters, Relationship between form and meaning