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Application of Online Micro-lecture in Case Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.075


Yunchuan Zhang, and Yun Yuan

Corresponding Author

Yun Yuan


Case teaching is a kind of situational teaching method which is highly valued in business education. The focus of the research is to combine traditional classroom teaching with the emerging online micro-lecture in university teaching. Taking case teaching as an example, a complementary teaching platform and a more diversified learning system to the traditional classroom learning have been established. According to the systematic teaching design idea, through the following processes: the analysis of the teaching objectives of case teaching, the content selection of the online micro-lecture in the case teaching, the media design of the network micro-lecture, the application of the online micro-lecture, this paper has carried out exploratory teaching design for the application of online micro-lectures in case teaching. Through these designs, we try to use the network platform to increase the sense of acquisition and usefulness of case study, so as to improve the effect of case teaching and realize the mutual benefit of teaching and learning.


Online micro-lecture, Case teaching, Initiative study