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On the Eco-Culture Teaching Model in School Education

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.074


Na Long

Corresponding Author

Na Long


It is significant to deal with the relationship between nature and human. At present, it is universal knowledge that the global ecosystem is rapidly degradation. Although people around the world have taken plenty of measures to handling the environment crisis, there are much left to be desired. The first most goal of this research is to providing a new possible teaching-model and suggestions to the work related the global environment protection based on school education. We found the school education plays a splendid role in the environmental protection, especially for the cultivation of eco-culture and eco-intelligence with different methods. The methods used in this research is questionnaire, interviews with the teacher, students and parents and so on. The main assumptions addressed in this paper are: a) effects of the Eco-Culture Teaching Model(ECTM; b) the role of teachers in ECTM; c) the role of students in ECTM; d) the role of parents in ECTM. The conclusion is that the school education which based on the Eco-Culture Teaching Model (ECTM)is a essence for the world environment protection, and the different related subjects of school education system plays different role in this significant work. What I need to emphases is that the collective roles of all subjects in school works together will be the most suitable and effective method to making contribution to the environment. At last, some possible implications are provided in the final lines.


Environment crisis, Essence, ECTM, Implications