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Research on the Reflection of Green Building Education Thoughts in the Elements of Architectural Space

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.073


Xiaomei Gao

Corresponding Author

Xiaomei Gao


With the continuous development of China's society and the continuous improvement of the economic level, people's requirements for architecture are no longer satisfied with the housing in the traditional sense, but put forward higher requirements for the use of architectural space components in architectural design. Because buildings are industries that consume more energy, they are also the main source of pollution for various types of pollution. In order to meet the concept of sustainable development, people have proposed the idea of green building in the process of urbanization. Based on this paper, the characteristics and application of building space constituent elements are analyzed firstly. Secondly, the concept of updating education is an effective means of green building development. Then, from the education of college talents, cultivate green building management talents, so as to meet the construction ecology. The demand for civilization promotes the sustainable development of society.


Construction industry, Architectural space constituent elements, Green education, Green building talents