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Practice and Research on Cultivating the Innovative Ability of Higher Vocational Students with Professional Public Elective Course as Carrier

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.072


Haokun Guo

Corresponding Author

Haokun Guo


In China's higher vocational schools, public elective courses play an important role in the diversified development and individualized development of students. At the same time, public elective courses can also expand the knowledge of students and improve the overall quality of students. At present, the public electives of some higher vocational colleges do not meet the requirements for opening. In response to this problem, this article elaborates on the current status and problems of the traditional public elective courses and online public elective courses in higher vocational colleges from the aspects of schools, teachers and students. The status quo of the innovation ability of vocational students has been analyzed. Higher vocational colleges should set up professional public elective courses. Its importance and necessity have been elaborated. The effect of this theory has been verified by practice.


Vocational colleges, Public elective course, Creativity, Professional elective course