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Influencing Factors and improving Strategies of Learning Adaptability in Tibetan Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.067


Yuehua Liu, and Xiaohui Yi

Corresponding Author

Yuehua Liu


With the continuous promotion of higher education popularization and the implementation of a series of preferential policies for minority students to enter universities (such as the special plan for minority students, the measures of adding points in university entrance examination for minority students), the admission rate and the number of minority students are increasing in recent years. However, due to the great differences between minority university students and Han students in language, culture, customs and other aspects, Tibetan university students not only have poor learning adaptability, but also have more prominent psychological problems. Therefore, the learning adaptation of Tibetan university students should get more attention. Through the questionnaire survey to explore whether there are ethnic differences in social adaptability between Han university students and Tibetan university students. SPSS is used to analyze the social adaptability of Tibetan and Han university students. According to these conclusions, this paper puts forward some suggestions to improve the social adaptability of university students.


Social adaptability, Tibetan university students, Learning adaptation, Influential factors