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Research and Practice of Computer Basic Course Reform under the Background of Emerging Engineering Education

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.066


Weigang Guo, Jianqin Xie, Xiaohua Li, and Qiuming Lin

Corresponding Author

Weigang Guo


Emerging Engineering Education is a new direction of engineering education in colleges and universities proposed by the Ministry of Education of China. The basic course of computer is of great significance to the construction of Emerging Engineering Education in Colleges and universities. But at present, there is a general contradiction of " Fundamentals - Class Hours - Contents" in basic computer teaching. Taking Foshan University as an example, this paper designs and studies computer basic teaching from four aspects. Firstly, from the aspect of course teaching content system, It mainly includes the combination of calculation and program, calculation system, algorithm thinking, information literacy, system thinking, computational thinking, etc. to form the optimal set of university computer course teaching content for the construction of Emerging Engineering Education. Secondly, in terms of teaching means and teaching methods, we use MOOC and other advanced teaching means to construct an ideal classroom to solve this contradiction. Thirdly, we build an online judeg system to attract, encourage and strictly require students to study and practice computer basic courses. Fourth, we encourage and guide students to participate actively in science and technology competitions, and cultivate their computational thinking by solving specific problems. Through more than two years of practice, it shows that the above methods are effective. Students' ability to solve problems by computer has been well trained, and their computational thinking has been greatly improved, laying a solid foundation for the training of innovative engineering talents.


Emerging engineering education, Basic computer courses, Computational thinking, Ideal classroom, Online judge system