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A Brief Discussion on the transformation and Development of Private Undergraduate Colleges and Universities---Take a Private University in Shandong Province as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.064


Cuimei Wang, and Yanguang Liu

Corresponding Author

Cuimei Wang


Private undergraduate colleges and universities should actively implement the major decisions of the CPC central committee and the state council, accelerate the pace of school transformation and development, and comprehensively improve the ability of the school to serve regional economic and social development and innovation-driven development. Taking a private undergraduate college in shandong province as an example, this paper expounds the background, significance and current situation of the transformation development of private undergraduate colleges and universities. In the process of transformation and development of private colleges and universities, the deficiencies in school-running orientation, specialty construction, curriculum construction, teaching staff construction, school-enterprise cooperation and other aspects are sorted out. The paper puts forward the transformation development path of private colleges and universities, namely, the orientation of running schools is changed to "application-oriented", the professional structure is changed to "demand-oriented", the talent cultivation is changed to "capability-oriented", the teaching staff is changed to "double-qualified and double-capable", and the education mechanism is changed to "school-enterprise cooperation".


Private, Undergraduate college, the transformation of development