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The Concert of Humanities and Natural science—the Analysis for Essential Connotation of Science of Contemporar Design

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.063


Hongyan Xue, Wen Sun, Yaru Li, Kun Wang, and Chen Zhang

Corresponding Author

Hongyan Xue


this essay talk about the definition of science, natural science,humanities,science of design and so on. It also analyse the new nation of the science of design----Limited criterion,system conception and technology, sustainable and ecological design,humanized technology and design.In this essay, we can know the merge between technology and art is a distinct of design,get the perception that development of design should treat natural science as its basis and absorb the humanities continuously. This essay gives a suggestion for construction of science of design that look upon humanities and explore the connotation of design. This conclusion is the the concert of humanities and natural science.


Humanities Natural Science, Science of Design, Concert, Connotation