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The Implications and Values of Studies on Risk Management for the Grant-in-Aid Programme to Students at China’s Border Higher Institutions

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.061


Yun Lu

Corresponding Author

Yun Lu


The grant-in-aid programme is a key part of the services of China’s higher institutions for their college or university students. Currently the programme has grown into a relatively complete and sound system with a wide funding coverage and diversity. As a result, the risk problem arising from the student grant specific programme is also becoming increasingly prominent. As a major means to implement the country’s citizen-benefiting policy and foster its educational equality as well as an effective channel to nurture talents by pedagogical and moral modeling in the new era, enhanced studies on risk management for the grant-in-aid programme to students at China’s border higher institutions will be of essential values and implications for such institutions.


Border higher institution, Grant-in-aid to students, Risk management, Values