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Case and Task-driven Information Processing Technology Curriculum Reform and Exploration

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.057


Lifen Zhou, and Xueli Ren

Corresponding Author

Lifen Zhou


Case-driven and task-driven teaching methods have attracted the attention of educators in improving students practical ability, and have been introduced into the teaching practice of various courses. The teaching reform of information processing technology course in Qujing Normal University combines the above two teaching methods with the actual situation, and takes case as the learning method. The basic means for students to master knowledge points and basic teaching contents, and the task as a platform for mastering teaching contents, testing teaching effects and students abilities, have achieved good teaching results. Such teaching can not only train students to learn and master basic information processing knowledge, but also help students to improve comprehensive information processing. Use ability.


Case, Task-driven, Teaching reform, Information processing technology course