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Construction and Research of the Smart Classroom of Digital Electronic Technology Course Based on Rain Class

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.055


Li Qiao, and Bingbing Wu

Corresponding Author

Bingbing Wu


Due to the single form of teaching, the lack of interaction between teachers and students, and the lag of teaching feedback, traditional classrooms are often difficult to effectively teach students in accordance with their aptitude and individualized teaching, and greatly lose their appeal to the low-headed people. Smart teaching tools - the emergence of the rain classroom, provides a powerful help to break the "whole class being lectured by the teacher only" mode. Integrating the "rain class" smart teaching tool into the "Digital Electronic Technology" course and constructing a smart classroom model suitable for theoretical course teaching will surely break the bottleneck of the traditional teaching mode. The practice results show that the implementation of the smart classroom attracts students' interest in learning, improves teaching efficiency, and achieves better teaching results.


Rain class, Digital electronic technology, Smart classroom