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Application of Case Teaching Method in Electrical Control Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.052


Limin Shao, Yuhong Zhou, Man Cheng, Dongming Li, and Hongbo Yuan

Corresponding Author

Limin Shao


Combined with the characteristics of electrical control technology, this paper analyzes the problems existing in the traditional teaching process. According to the requirements of cultivating students' engineering practice ability in the talent training programs, the course of electrical control technology was reformed. The case teaching method based on engineering project is proposed. With practical application as the teaching concept, according to the teaching purpose, teaching content and students' cognitive law, with the help of practical engineering cases, students are brought into the project development process and guided to explore the whole process of engineering design independently. The practice results show that the case teaching method has greatly stimulated students' interest in learning and improved students' engineering thinking and electrical control technology engineering project design ability.


Case teaching method, Electrical control technology, Cramming education, Knowledge goals, Skills goals